Shashi Prakash

“The CMF team helped us land a large enterprise deal, introduced us to one of our key board of advisors, and also introduced us to our VP of product. When it came time to raise a series A… [they] introduced us to our leading investors. We almost had a daily cadence during closing of the deal.”


In phase 3, we drive the accelerated go-to-market efforts:

  • Leverage CMF community of industry experts and thought leaders to publicly validate product and market need
  • Publicize content creation and partnership engagements, building thought leadership credibility with relevant blogs, whitepapers, interviews, video testimonials
  • Participate in CMF virtual and public facing events at leading cybersecurity conferences and within CMF Misfit Panel discussions


In phase 2, we apply an intensive go-to-market validation process:

  • Define proper sales strategies, sales channels, channel partners
  • Identify start-up’s key market segment and solidify a focused product marketing strategy
  • Introduce start-up to the proper ecosystem of partners and allies aligned to support, test, and validate product


In phase 1, we help to identify an initial concepts of product market fit:

  • Identify the problem statements, proper product positioning, architecture, differentiations, as well as structure competitive analytics and market requirements
  • Build product validation strategies, gaining feedback from leading early adopters
  • Define early stage pricing and financial model