Navigating Cybersecurity Start-Up Sales in the age of a Distributed Workforce

As per the misfit way, we’ll cut to the chase and highlight how security startups can best attack the changed budgets. Our panel of misfit leaders will tell you exactly what works: how to sell, who to sell to, and what corporate cyber leaders need right now.


People, Processes, and Product: A Misfit Look at the Cybersecurity Trends of 2021

The panel of misfit thinkers will look into the mistakes of histories past and present, and will be brutally honest how to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the people, process, and product trends that are expected to shape 2021.


Cybersecurity Budgets in the Age of the Distributed Workforce

This panel of misfit thinkers and budget handlers will look at what in security spending and budget allocation has been broken, where organizations are still engaging with innovative technology, and how budget handlers get shit done, fast.


CMF Presents: Early Adopter Meet Early Thinkers

A networking breakfast with a panel of high-powered security executives discussing the impact of early stage technology adoption. Offering insights to start-ups and security entrepreneurs looking to get involved with their first customers and executive offices and enterprises exploring early technology.


Misfits + The State of Cybersecurity

Our panel of misfit CISOs and industry thought leaders will offer insights into their top of mind security concerns, why and where they will continue to adopt innovative, early technology, their pivoted priorities due to COVID impact, and will give advice to security entrepreneurs looking to get break into the market in this new environment.