What We Do

We Provide Tailored Mentorship

CMF became the industry’s leading cybersecurity mentorship fund by providing the entrepreneurs and their startups with a coalition of active entrepreneurs and operational luminaries. Our mentorship is tailored to each company’s needs. CMF dedicates money, constant support, and a community of visionaries to mentor the next-generation of cybersecurity leaders.

Keys to Launch

Our Catapult Program

Our Catapult Program uniquely offers hands-on mentorship, strategic partnerships, and disciplined operational expertise, helping startups accelerate through the early-stage minefield of going to market. With the support of our network of industry luminaries and early adopting practitioners, the program is designed to catapult startups to the next stage of business development with a three phase approach: Ready, Aim, Launch.


In phase 1, we help identify initial fits for product market concepts:

Identify the problem statements, proper product positioning, architecture, differentiations, as well as structure competitive analytics and market requirements

Build product validation strategies, gaining feedback from leading early adopters

Define early stage pricing and financial model


In phase 2, we apply an intensive go-to-market validation process:

Define proper sales strategies, sales channels, channel partners

Identify start-up’s key market segment and solidify a focused product marketing strategy

Introduce start-up to the proper ecosystem of partners and allies aligned to support, test, and validate product


In phase 3, we drive accelerated go-to-market efforts:

Leverage CMF community of industry experts and thought leaders to publicly validate product and market need

Publicize content creation and partnership engagements, building thought leadership credibility with relevant blogs, whitepapers, interviews, video testimonials

Participate in CMF events at leading cybersecurity conferences and within CMF Misfit Panel discussions

Tim and I have met every Sunday for many years, talking about the ins and outs of the problems and the issues being faced in a small but growing company, and that’s been completely invaluable to me.

Ellison Anne Williams
Founder + CEO, Enveil