Tim Eades Fellow Founder


Fellow Founder

Timothy Eades serves as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Anetac and is a General Partner and Fellow Founder of Cyber Mentor Fund. With over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, and executive management at the CEO level, he has deep expertise in driving high growth for computing, security, and enterprise software companies. Prior to Anetac, Tim served as CEO at vArmour for nearly a decade, and was the CEO at Silver Tail Systems from March 2010 until the company was acquired by RSA, the security division of EMC in late 2012. Prior to leading Silver Tail Systems, he was CEO of Everyone.net, an SMB-focused SaaS company that was acquired by Proofpoint. He has also held sales and marketing executive leadership positions at BEA Systems, Sana Security, Phoenix Technologies, and IBM. He is a prolific angel investor and passionately shares his time and expertise with cybersecurity founders through his work at Cyber Mentor Fund. He is an experienced Board Director and currently serves as the Executive Chairman for Okera. He holds advanced degrees in business, international marketing, and financial analysis, primarily from Solent University in England.

It's Time for Boards to Look for Better Cyber Risk Prevention

The state of cybersecurity and compliance has changed dramatically. Organizations today run on an exceptionally interconnected set of apps, services, workloads, users, devices and clouds. This interconnectedness accelerates digital transformation but also greatly expands the attack surface. That compounded risk has the potential to unleash catastrophe on an entire organization.

Why Observability is a Foundational Element of Zero Trust

On the heels of the Biden administration’s executive order, enterprises worldwide are embarking on their zero-trust journey to improve their security posture and resilience. From CISA's 72-hour cyberattack disclosure requirement to DHS's guidance about cyber hygiene standards, there's a wealth of information to help CISOs and their security teams define their own zero-trust strategies.